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Science or Old School?

Busting Myths about Learning

Pedagogical researchers are now questioning the effectiveness of some of the most "tried-and-true" teaching strategies. The results might surprise you. Do you know if your methods are proven to work? Do bodies of peer-reviewed studies inform your practice? Get out your highlighter and prepare to dig into the science of learning. Then put the cap back on, because highlighting isn’t shown to help people learn. Challenge your assumptions about learning, find out which strategies are driven by data, and see where your go-to lesson activities lie on the scale of myth vs. science. 

Kate Powers

Kate bought a one-way ticket to Prague in 2009 and has been a proud resident of the Czech Republic ever since. Along with a TEFL certificate, she holds a U.S. teaching qualification and master's degree in Education. She is a former vice principal of a Czech-English bilingual primary/secondary school. She currently offers individual English to children and consulting for schools in collaboration with the program SciLearn English.

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