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Your Demo Access

Please review this page before accessing our programs.

Step 1 - Login

Use login name: demo0615, password: anglictina. Login here.

Step 2: Switch to demo

Step 3: Try Exercises in Various Modules

What should you know

What equipment will you need

A computer (Mac, Windows) or Chromebook, connected to the internet. No need to install any software - the program works in a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, ect.). iPad users need to first install an application from the AppleStore (free of charge) and use the demo username and password to log in. The program is not supported on Android tablets. We recommend using headphones.

What modules and exercises to try

There are 2 types modules in the Fast ForWord program - Language series and Reading Series.

Language series are for fine-tuning the brain for English. Exercises train phonemic recognition and awareness, auditory processing and cognitive functions such as memory, attention, processing and sequencing. For students 5-12, test module Language V2, for students 12+ review module Literacy. 

Reading Series are modules helping to develop English vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, listening, reading and language production. Youngest children would start with Reading Readiness and continue according to their skills. Beginners will start with Reading Level 1. Intermediate students would most likely start with Reading Level 3. Assessment test could be used to place intermediate and advanced students to determine the appropriate module.

Reading Assistant program - at this time, you can only view a video of how the Reading Assistant program works. If you would like to test the program, please contact us.

Do you need help?

Contact Michaela Tilton, Email: michaela@scilearn.cz